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All Of Our Secrets

  1. We only make digital products & services.

    Product Strategy, User Research, Design, Technology, Analytics & Optimization: everything you need to make a successful digital product or service, and nothing more.

  2. Prototypes, not presentations.

    In our experience, the biggest ideas usually come from hard work during iterative design and development. Forrester Research called our way of working “a model to follow.”

  3. One team: Client + Work & Co.

    We ask our clients to participate directly with us in an intensely collaborative process based on specific measures of success, rapid prototyping, and continuous testing and improvement. The result is one combined team, making things the right way, with less time invested in presentations and arbitrary deliverables.

  4. Fewer people. More senior people.

    Each client engagement is led by one of our partners. We’ve assembled an unprecedented level of hands-on talent under one roof to make this possible across multiple projects. We’re top-heavy, by design.

  5. Good products require good development.

    The best digital products and services are made by designers and engineers working together in the same room. We created Work & Co to offer the benefits of such collaborations at scale.

Our Work: Virgin America Case Study03


The best digital ecosystem in travel.

Virgin America is making flying fun again. In 2014, the airline also decided to reinvent the digital travel experience.

After an exhaustive search for the right partner, the company chose Work & Co to design and engineer a new digital platform that could respond to modern travel needs and behaviors.

We partnered with Virgin America to design and develop the world’s first responsive airline website to meet the needs of modern travelers. As its digital agency of record, we extended the tech-forward experience to mobile in 2016, launching a new native app for iOS and Android. Within hours, Virgin America was the #1 featured app on both the App Store and Google Play.

Our Contributions

  • Strategy
  • Product Roadmapping
  • User Research
  • Design
  • Branding
  • Responsive Web Development
  • Software Application Architecture
  • iOS and Android Development
  • Quality Assurance
  • Analytics & Optimization

The Website

“The first radical rethinking of the flight booking experience in a decade.”


The First ResponsiveAirline Site

Who says airline websites are too complex to be responsive? The Work & Co technology team built a site that works wherever you are, so you have a great experience at any point of your trip, from a laptop to a mobile device.

Focused Measuresof Success

“In the early phases of the project, the Work & Co team determined that the client’s KPIs were driven by a few really important use cases, not by twenty of them. So they focused their attention on those and on doing fewer things beautifully well. And by getting the teams closer together, they were able to get feedback earlier. They did not spend time creating slick presentation decks, but instead built working prototypes of ideas—the CEO saw concepts for the site in the second week of the project. As a result, there were no big reveals, no gotcha surprises, and no selling.”

Digital FirstBranding

Virgin America has deployed Work & Co’s new look and feel across their other communication channels, from billboards in Times Square to airports. The face of Virgin America is changing, beginning with Illustrations by Build.


An amazing front-end experience is only possible with a robust technology solution backing it. Like most airlines, Virgin America’s booking technology is powered by Sabre, a decades-old back-end system. We had to create an architecture that would provide the flexibility we needed. To achieve radical changes such as a single-page booking flow, we used and extended AngularJS on top of a layer that sits between Sabre and the front-end.


After successfully A/B testing the new design against the old, Virgin America’s reinvented site was released. Virgin America announced an IPO following two successful quarters running the new site. It has exceeded performance goals in the following areas:

Increase in conversion rate
Decrease in web-related phone calls
Fastest loading airline website

The App

“This is no ordinary airline app.”

— Digital Trends

The industry’s fastest flight booking

Most airlines don’t prioritize capturing incremental booking revenue in-app, but we believe that the app should be your travel companion from the moment you plan your trip to when you land. So we made the fastest booking experience in the industry—guests can book a ticket in 60 seconds or less.

Smarter, focused,and context aware

To make traveling as effortless as possible, the app serves up information personalized to a guest’s travel schedule. 24 hours before a flight, it shifts into travel mode, showing guests only the most critical information first: check-in, boarding pass, and flight alert information.

Two Native Apps,Less Code

No shortcuts were taken. To build an app that is simple, enjoyable, and fast, we envisioned a new strategy for cross-platform mobile app development.

We developed iOS and Android simultaneously. In order to speed up development and reduce maintenance, we created a shared layer of business logic for all platforms. So when we have to make a change, it updates across every platform, a strategy so radical it was featured in The Next Web.


  1. Featured app in App Store and Google Play
  2. Increase in mobile conversion rate
  3. Downloads in less than three months

Industry Responses

  • “Work & Co was a completely different kind of partner. They took something very complex and created a simple, beautiful, and intuitive user experience.”

  • “The result is a site that gets flyers booked nearly twice as fast, on any kind of device.”

  • “Most impressive industry evolution.”

    UX Awards
  • “Both the process and the outcome offer techniques that other companies looking to build innovative products and services can follow.”

    Forrester Research
  • “An impressively simple experience for booking, managing, and checking in to flights.”

    Travel + Leisure


  • 5webby awards
  • 3pixel awards
  • 3cannes lions
  • 1clio
  • 1digiday
  • 1one show
  • 1UX awards
  • 1ces innovation award
  • 1
  • 1

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Facts About Us05


Who care about doing three things well: Product Strategy, Design, and Engineering. That’s it.


DUMBO, Brooklyn. With offices in Portland, Oregon, and Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.


And every project is directly overseen by one of them. We’re “top-heavy” on purpose; in our experience, senior, hands-on talent creates the best digital products and services.

Big Reveals

We form a team with our clients and deliver prototypes, not presentations.

Repeat business rate

Nearly all of our clients have offered us additional projects.

Days to a prototype

For most projects, we complete a full design cycle and begin testing with consumers on a prototype within one month.

Born outside the U.S.

It takes a global perspective to build products and services the world uses every day.

New Platforms

Now live on Xbox, the new Showtime experience will soon launch on 4 additional video game consoles and smart TVs.

Page weight of

Using AngularJS for the build, we halved the page weight of the average airline site.


Two Featured SXSW Panels: CSR in the Trump Era, Future of Social Platforms

Over 30,000 entrepreneurs, technologists, and digital leaders convene at South by Southwest each year search of fresh ideas and solutions.

For 2018, Work & Co will present two panels. The first will arm companies with strategies needed to grow social platforms, while the second will incite new thinking around CSR programs in the current political environment.

What Followers Want: How Social Evolves in 2018

9 hours. That’s how much time teenagers spend on social every day. New behaviors continue to emerge around sharing, with live at the center of it today. How do you design a platform so engaging that people open, check, interact, and share on multiple times a day? What do today’s followers expect from both the content but also the flexibility of platforms—to ensure they work across all device types and regions.

Founding Partner, Gene Liebel, will be joined by Ryan Scott Tandy (Product Design Manager, Instagram), Tutti Taygerly (Product Design Manager, Facebook), and Rajni Lucienne Jacques, (Fashion Director, Teen Vogue). Hear from the designers behind leading social platforms as well as content creators driving engagement on what’s next in social.

Mark your calendars to attend this session on March 10 at 12:30 PM, at the Fairmont Congressional B.

Fighting Back with CSR: How Companies Are Uniting

2017 has proved that companies—from Apple and IBM to Tesla and Ford—are no longer shying away from hot-button issues like immigration, climate change and women’s rights. Turns out it’s not just the right thing to do, but also good business in an era where consumers are voting with their dollars. The future of CSR is about making your values known through legal action, new revenue models, and even aligning with the competition for the greater good.

Founding Partner, Mohan Ramaswamy, will shed light on the ways CSR efforts are becoming more broadly integrated into organizations. Joining him are James Lynch (Director of Executive Communications, Airbnb), Paul Polizzotto (Founder and President, CBS EcoMedia Inc.), and Jessica James (Founder, Jessica James Consulting).

Mark your calendars to attend this session on March 11 at 12:30 PM, at Fairmont Congressional C.

In Other News

Careers at Work & Co07

Work with us

At Work & Co, you’ll create successful products and services for some of the smartest organizations in the world, alongside people whose work you respect and whose company you enjoy. All positions are full-time. Ready? We’re saving you a place.

  • Designer

    Send your portfolio, PDF or relevant links. We look for designers that believe there are no boundaries between form and function, and no border between graphic design and user experience. If you can prototype, even better. Work & Co applies the modernist way of thinking to digital products and services. Our Partners are hands on and you’ll work directly with them — no middle management here.

  • Developer

    We’re looking for web developers to work side by side with designers, product managers and other developers to concept, prototype and build a range of products. Join a team who wants to help redefine entire industries. Prove your skills in HTML, CSS and JavaScript to bring ideas alive, from websites to watch apps and TV interfaces. Send us your code samples, GitHub, or other relevant links.

  • Product Manager

    Send us your resume or LinkedIn profile. Join our team of entrepreneurial and intellectually curious product managers. Part strategist, project manager, and client partner, Product Managers own the product creation and development life cycle, working with our team of award-winning designers and developers to define, create, and launch digital products.

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